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Like You’ve Been Here Before

It pains me that we haven’t been cataloging all the food we’ve eaten since 2009, but maybe fifty years from now (when I fully expect both of us to be still alive), the four-plus years we missed will seem like … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, Adam!

It’s late. After 2am on Christmas eve. My sister and I have just eaten the cookies and drunk the milk that her children left for Santa Claus. We have finished wrapping the presents and the last stocking has been stuffed. … Continue reading

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Risotto: It’s not $!#%* rice pilaf!!!!

What makes the perfect risotto? A cynic might respond that with enough butter and cheese, you can make anything delicious. But although our two fatty friends go a long way toward creating heavenly goodness in quite a few dishes, they … Continue reading

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Lobster: The timid and squeamish need not apply

Today when I went to pull on my sturdy Ariat paddock boots, there was some sort of funk on the toe.  I knew immediately what it was–lobster guts. Yesterday was my first day in the kitchen with Scott Howell of … Continue reading

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